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Protect if you connect

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

We live in the age of connected world where even bulbs can be compromised.

In a recent research conducted by Statista, the world will have nearly 40 billion IoT connected devices by 2025 and upwards of 50 billion by 2030. That includes homes and businesses including deices ranging from smart watches, thermostats, vehicle, medical devices, smart lights, locks, besides our computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, they all need to be protected.

We’re connecting more devices than ever before and we are only as safe as the weakest connected device. That means that our Digital Assistants, Smart TV’s, Smart Speakers, Smart Watches and every smart things that we use are all vulnerable.

During the October Cyber Awareness month, Cyber schools wants to take this opportunity to focus on reiterating on the basics of Cyber-Hygiene which are critical and important for everyone today in this ever connected world.

Protect what you connect - Cyber Awarene
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