Case Studies and Research Papers


Cloud Security Review for Healthtech Firm

Our client, a Healthtech firm was facing challenge to understand and implement technical security controls as required by HIPAA. Our team carried out a thorough security assesement and identified the following gaps and further helped to remediate them by implementing reasonable controls.

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Security Assessment of a Fintech Platform

A mid-sized fintech platform provider was attempting to establish direct connections with a credit agency in order to auto-verify credit checks prior to loan processing. The client's request was denied because they were unable to demonstrate the adequacy of security controls in the FinTech Platform. Learn how Cyberschools conducted a through security assessment that helped our client obtain the approvals from credit agency.

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Word of caution for Wordpress Websites

Results of the survey that was conducted for over 100 WordPress website mostly owned by Small and Medium business across North America and India to identify common vulnerabilities that developers ignored either because of lack of security awareness and or lack of secure coding expertise. Read the full survey by clicking on the image below

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